At Murray Turf, having a good reputation for the highest quality turf with the highest quality service is everything.

For us, farming turf is a living and also gives us a chance to help create a more desirable and sustainable living through our specifically selected turf grasses.

The varieties that have been selected to farm here are the most suited to our climate. Our turfs cover all conditions like drought, high wear, shade, and frost.

In particular, our TifTuf turf variety has an extreme drought tolerance once established and requires little to no water. That's a big plus for our water resources and your home water bill.

  • Our business is locally owned and operated
  • We operate under EPA guidelines
  • Ausgap certified
  • Lawn Solutions Australia accredited members
  • 10 year product warranty
About Us Murray Turf

Fact - Did you know that an average size lawn creates as much oxygen around your home as a large tree?

Fact - Did you know that a good looking lawn can add 10% value to your home or property?

A lawn is a great investment!

These are just a couple of things we value at Murray Turf - Greening up Australia.



We offer only the best quality turf as well as quality service, guaranteed.