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$12.20 per m2

Over 200m2 $11.60 per m2

TifTuf Bermuda grass has made the new benchmark for Australian Turf with its low water usage which equals drought tolerance.

TifTuf was developed by leading turf scientists with the main aspect of drought tolerance in mind. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda has been recognised with the Smart Approved WaterMarkin Australia with all states excluding WA & NT. This means a whole lot LESS WATER is needed! This is a great achievement and is a big positive for any community, sporting grounds and the environment.

So all in all this TifTuf turf is great for the environment and here at Murray Turf we are all about keeping up with customers needs when it comes to the environment. Greener Living!! More time for you, cost-effective in the long run while looking great.

Smart Approved WaterMark
Smart Approved WaterMark
The panel of experts meets to consider applications against the following criteria, for more information visit the Smart Approved WaterMark website.

So in a bit more detail about TifTuf

  • 25 years of research has gone into TifTuf Bermuda grass showing superior qualities in drought tolerance, wear tolerance, shade tolerance and keeping its colour during winter at the same time maintaining excellent quality.
  • Low inputs, TifTuf will cost you less money and time which is a major environmental benefit. It has the lowest fertiliser requirements of any couch turf, and only requires 1/5th of the nitrogen of common couch grasses.
  • Shade tolerance, couch is not renowned for shade tolerance but TifTuf has been
    growing in shaded areas with low light and survived where in this situation other
    couch grasses would not survive.
  • TifTuf has been proven to remain healthy and vigorous with a fraction of the usual
    irrigation needed to keep other couches at the same level of appearance and
    performance. Which again shows how great this turf TifTuf is for the Aussie backyard and our environment.
  • Reduced water can also be used as a growth retardant, TifTuf
    will remain at an acceptable appearance while slowing leaf growth with managed
    watering reducing the need for mowing. Again more time for you and your family
    when you choose TifTuf.
  • TifTuf is grown to AusGAP certification - Australian Turf Genetic Assurance
    Program. This has been adopted by the countries leading turf grass producers to provide the customer with the assurance that their turf adheres to a stringent set of quality standards.
TifTuf Murray Turf

The main reasons why TifTuf is a popular choice

  • More disease resistant than other bermuda grasses
  • 10 year warranty
  • TifTuf uses 38% less water than other varieties
  • Maintains a great look even under extreme heat
  • TifTuf is a fine leaf fine-textured grass
  • Keeps its colour during winter
AusGap Certified Murray Turf



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