Sir Grange is one of the world's most reputable looking grasses, and it adapts to almost any climate. When fully established, it will need very little fertiliser and water while requiring a lot less mowing than most varieties. Once it establishes a root system of 200mm or more, it will become extremely shade and drought tolerant and its appearance will be the envy of your neighbours. Most turf owners fall in love with Sir Grange once they have it fully established and would not change it for anything else.

Guidelines to get the best from Sir Grange

Sir Grange can take some time to fully establish, however once this is achieved the result is very rewarding. Be mindful that Sir Grange is a very slow-growing lawn, therefore it can be very slow to fully establish.

It can take up to about 18 weeks of warm growing weather to fully establish; in warmer climates this can be achieved in the first season, while in colder climates such as Victoria this may not happen until the second season.

Installing Sir Grange Murray Turf

Sir Grange is ideal for you if:

  • You want an extremely high-class, superb looking lawn, the best of the best.
  • You are prepared to allow it time to establish properly and understand its establishment needs.
  • You don’t require a high-wear lawn area or much use during the establishment period.
  • You don’t have heavy shade during the establishment period.
  • You don’t intend for dogs to regularly use the area.
  • You don’t have heavy or clay soil.

Note: Installing Sir Grange between May and August in colder climates is not recommended

Before your Sir Grange arrives:

  • Trim all your gardens and trees right back, so they are not overhanging the lawn area during the establishment period.
  • It is recommended that Lawn Solutions Lawn Launcher is used as a starter fertiliser for the best establishment of Sir Grange.
  • Install a good sand or sandy base of at least 100mm – the more the better the lawn will perform.
  • Make sure your sprinkler can cover the lawn evenly, regardless of whether it’s a manual shift or automatic sprinkler system.
  • Be sure that no areas hold water and they are all drained well.
  • Follow the advice of your turf supplier in relation to starter fertiliser applications.

During the first three months following installation:

  • It’s all about getting a deep root system established as soon as possible; it’s critical to water down to 150mm during this period. It’s a good idea to take a core sample once every few weeks to ensure this depth of penetration of water.
  • Perform spot checks after three weeks to determine if the turf can be lifted. If it can in certain areas and not others, chances are its roots are shallower in those areas; these spots will need to catch up with the assistance of additional deep watering during establishment.
  • If some areas receive more wear or shade during this period, try to reduce the cause until full establishment is achieved.
  • Carefully follow your turf supplier’s recommendations on fertiliser; most likely they will recommend none to very little. Use a fertiliser blend with low levels of Nitrogen. We recommend Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser at half rate or a standard fertiliser product at the same half rate.
  • You need to water a newly established Sir Grange lawn at least 45 minutes to 1 hour each day for the first 3 weeks after installation during the warmer months, then deep watering’s down to 150 mm every 2nd or 3rd until fully established.

After the establishment period:

  • The hard work should be behind you and you should own a beautiful lawn.
  • You only need to water your established Sir Grange lawn if it looks dry or conditions are extreme.
  • Fertiliser use should be minimal; only fertilise if your lawn looks hungry and loses colour. We recommend Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser at half rates.
  • Mow as needed at a height you desire between 18 and 40mm.
  • For seasonal weed control and to provide valuable nutrients to your Sir Grange lawn, we recommend OxaFert pre-emergent during Spring and Autumn.
Installing Sir Grange Murray Turf



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